GusGus - album review (3 stars)




(Gung Ho!)

Starting out life as a sprawling 12-strong Icelandic art/film/music collective in 1995, GusGus have mutated over the years. At their heart has always remained a soulful electronic throb wrapped in alternately soothing and wanton vocal lines.
Six albums in, the band are now a trio specialising in mucky, low-slung house that resists cliché and fad in favour of grime, groove and mild suggestion. Over a dozen tracks they explore different textures and tones from the satiny electrofunk of ‘Hold You’ to the mechanical wheeze of ‘Porn’. Vocalist Earth’s sensual warblings sweeten Biggi and Bongo’s chunky beats, bleats and wobbles like too much syrup over blueberry pancakes. Yummy.

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