Retired womaniser Jack Nicholson

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  • 15 October 2008
Jack Nicholson

Retired womaniser Jack Nicholson

Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson - who is notorious for his womanising ways - says he is too old to seduce women at 71

Jack Nicholson says he is too old to seduce women.

The 71-year-old actor - who is notorious for his womanising ways - believes he has reached an age where it "doesn't look right" approaching young women in public.

He told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "It's not so nice when you are 71 and looking for some action. I feel uncomfortable doing it in the limelight - so from now on I'll do it when it's right.

"Happily, when it comes to girls hitting on me, I'm not undernourished."

The Oscar winner - who features in Maxim magazine's Top Ten Living Legends of Sex list - has allegedly bedded 2,000 women and has six children by five different partners.

Earlier this year, the Hollywood legend claimed he needed to take Viagra pills to help him when he has a threesome.

He said: "I like to date a nice range of women each year, but I only use Viagra when I am with more than one."

The 'Carnal Knowledge' actor previously claimed men are like dogs when it comes to sex because they forget about their lover an hour after being intimate with them.

He said: "We have more in common with a male dog than we do with a woman in this department.

"This may be male chauvinism in a certain context. But, baby, it's also science!"

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