MSTRKRFT - album review (4 stars)


The Looks



You probably know this Canadian duo as Death From Above 1979, or perhaps from their stellar remixes of Kills, Gossip, Metric and Bloc Party. But scrap all that: ‘MSTRKRFT, purveyors of the most thrilling dance music around’ is how you should remember them.
The Looks is a magnificently filthy record, all dark disco beats, vocoders, pulsing basslines and squelchy synths which will have even the most cynical music-lover flailing around, attempting to have their wicked way with the dancefloor after just one listen. Rhythmic, minimalist and utterly addictive, this debut reminds us exactly how electrifying electronic music can be and shows up the new rave ‘movement’ for the watered-down nonsense it really is.

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