Idlewild - album review (4 stars)


Make Another World



Around the time of his folky solo project’s first release, Roddy Woomble hinted at a return to heavy music for his main band Idlewild. And boy was he right. Make Another World sees the Edinburgh quintet get back to blasting out punky riff-fuelled anthems, from blistering opener ‘In Competition For the Worst Time’ to the blustery attack of ‘Everything (As It Moves)’ and the squealing guitars and thundering drums of ‘If It Takes You Home’. Yet, it won’t all blow your head off. There are captivating quiet moments and evidence of experimentation to dazzling effect on first single ‘No Emotion’ with its driving dance beats and the traditional Scots balladary meets jazzy horns of ‘Future Works’.
In the past, cynical types have been quick to dismiss Idlewild as simply Nirvana and REM copyists, but this sixth offering should shut them up. Although hints of all that has inspired them are still present, the flirtation with folk has allowed the fivesome to finally fulfil their potential and create an infectious sound that is utterly their own. Whether Make Another World outsells Idlewild’s most successful effort to date, 2002’s The Remote Part, remains to be seen and is frankly inconsequential. This is passionate, poetic, life-affirming rock which verges on perfection.