5 Reasons To Go See - Bobo Stenson Trio

Bobo Stenson Trio

1 Bobo is a European jazz great The Swedish pianist stands squarely alongside any of the major names in world jazz that he has worked with over the years, including the likes of Jan Garbarek, Tomasz Stanko and Charles Lloyd.

2 Live performance brings out the best in him While his career has been documented in a series of excellent discs for ECM, he is even more unfettered in a live context than in the studio.

3 He has a great band His empathetic communication with Swedish collaborators Anders Jormin and Jon Falt is an example of a trio playing at the highest level, and borders on the miraculous at times.

4 His music touches many bases The pianist is a great composer in his own right, but also draws widely for material, from Charles Ives and Alban Berg through to Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry and Astor Piazzolla.

5 His music is serene in a noisy world His lovely touch and finely honed invention is often subtle and reflective – just the thing to chill out from the everyday bustle and commotion.

Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Wed 22 Oct.

Bobo Stenson Trio

Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson is joined by bassist Anders Jormin and drummer Jon Falt for an evening of music that draws on folk melodies, Cuban ballads and German Lieder for a unique jazz sound.

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