O’Death (4 stars)


Nice’n’Sleazy’s, Glasgow, Sun 28 Sep


A little bit barnyard hoedown, a little bit like being at a Bat Mitzvah on speed (or so I’ve heard at least) and a whole lot of fiddle, O’Death have made it abundantly clear that they are not like anyone else currently peddling their wares out there in the musical cosmos.

Attracting a sizeable crowd to Sleazy’s, and one which sings and dances along at will, O’Death have built up a strong following for themselves, understandable given the quality of showmanship and, most importantly, solid songsmithery. From opener ‘Spider’ right through to closing track ‘Nathan’, the band are a paragon of entertainment throughout this gig, their energy highly infectious and unabating.

Yes, they look like a mixture of science teachers and hillbillys, and yes, they mash up a gothic, countified punk stew that probaly shouldn’t work but does, as the collective reaction tonight suggests otherwise. So say no to the banality of stadium rock. Hell, anyone with a bass player called Othar the Tooth Collector needs a at least one evening’s worth of our attention.


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