Angil and the Hiddntracks, Aidan Moffat and De Rosa (4 stars)

Angil and the Hiddntracks, Aidan Moffat and De Rosa

SWG3, Glasgow, Sat 27 Sep


Chemikal Underground is best known for a generation of great bands who have now mostly split up or moved on, so fresh blood is needed. Tonight’s showcase presents suggests where the label goes next.

First on, Martin of De Rosa previews new material, solo, including two gorgeous songs ‘Stillness’ and ‘Bookbinding’ which suggest a folkier, protest-song direction along the lines of ‘Hattonrigg Pit Disaster’.

Next up, Aidan Moffat struggles against the growing racket. The ex-Arab Strapper is still a filthy old romantic, and true poet, but tonight he seems lost performing pieces from his spoken word album. Part-Ivor Cutler, part-Bukowski, it’s lost on the crowd.

Signing French six-piece Angil and the Hiddntracks might seem a strange move. They’re unashamedly jazzy, self-aware, but their chaotic, experimental sound makes total sense tonight, and catchy, groove-laden songs like ‘Trying to Fit’ completely win over the crowd. They even had one noisy Mogwai-style instrumental section. So, St Etienne meets Glasgow – a perfect marriage?

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