Norma Winstone

Norma Winstone

Recital Rooms, City Hall, Glasgow, Sun 19 Oct


Singer Norma Winstone’s first disc for ECM in a decade appeared back in March, with Klaus Gesing on bass clarinet and soprano saxophone and Glauco Venier on trumpet. The trio format and piano-plus-horn instrumentation echoed the halcyon days of the earlier Azimuth trio with Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor on the Munich-based label, but the singer reveals that the disc almost didn’t happen.

The trio had made an earlier record that was only released in Austria, but ECM’s Manfred Eicher happened to hear an interview with Gesing on the radio, then ran into Venier in a recording studio. He expressed his interest in their music, but by that point all was not well within the group, as Winstone explains.

‘There had been a bit of a falling out between Klaus and Glauco, and they didn’t seem keen to work with each other any more. At that point I thought, right, here’s a last chance to keep this going, and picked up the phone to Manfred. I left a message saying I heard he was interested, and he called me back ten minutes later to say “Let’s do the record”.’

With an ECM disc in prospect, the two men reconciled their differences and made the album, and very good it is too. We now get a chance to check the trio out at first hand in an all too rare Scottish outing for the singer, courtesy of Todd Gordon’s Jazz International series.

Norma Winstone Trio

'Distances' is a collaboration between the great jazz vocalist Winstone, Italian pianist Glauco Venier and German reeds player Klaus Gesing. Their repertoire includes songs by Cole Porter and Peter Gabriel.

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