Frank Turner

Frank Turner

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Thu 23 Oct


Frank Turner’s musical pedigree isn’t half puzzling. He used to front British punk rock outfit Million Dead, has a Black Flag tattoo, and claims Iron Maiden are one of his favourite bands. So what’s he doing these days, musically? Quietly protesting about political evils through the medium of folk, apparently. Really? ‘It’s no secret that I grew up with heavy music, and I still love it,’ Turner explains. ‘But tastes change as you get older and I’ve never only listened to that kind of music; that would be pretty sterile.’

The punk roots still run deep, though, and given half the chance to get his foot in the door at Number 10 he’d ‘quietly celebrate the passing of a political monster, cancel PFI in its entirety, scrap ID cards and start dismantling the database state.’ Just a few suggestions then.

Fresh off a jaunt round America where he says he enjoyed the weather and ‘discussions of Sarah Palin’s hotness’ in equal measure, Frank Turner’s fondly shifting his attention to the upcoming Scottish date. ‘Glasgow has always been linked, in my mind, with Buckfast,’ he admits. ‘I don’t mean that negatively either; basically, the first time we went, with Million Dead, none of us had ever heard of it before, and some locals gave us a bottle which we all enjoyed, in a decadent kind of way. We only really twigged the cultural connotations later, but never let it get in the way of getting lashed onstage.’

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

The former Million Dead frontman has moved away from his hardcore roots to embrace rabble-rousing folk punk in a New Model Army style.

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