No Age

No Age

School of Art, Glasgow, Sat 18 Oct


Reckon DIY is dead? No Age beg to differ. The noisy art punk duo have been kicking up a stink on the LA music scene since 2005, curating exhibitions, designing clothes, booking shows, making films, videos and zines and, most excitingly, coming up with their own gloriously scuzzy, sample-laden musical offerings. Sub Pop debut Nouns captured the attention of hipster musos and esoteric types around the world earlier this year, and word has since spread quickly on the back of some notoriously visceral live shows. None of this, however, would have been possible without The Smell; an all-ages club that became second home to the band, launching their career along with other favourites like HEALTH, Mika Miko and Abe Vigoda.

‘The music is an invitation and a rallying call for individuals to get involved in a community that celebrates art and experimentation,’ guitarist Randy Randall said recently. ‘It’s DIY on a different scale, an attempt to reacquaint people with the notion that art is a crucial part of everyday life. No Age is more than a band to us,’ he explains. ‘It is an umbrella.’ Tying in with this underground collective spirit, the Shred Yr Face tour, due to make a Scottish pit-stop in Glasgow this month, features a much-anticipated appearance from Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt, who will be playing as part of a stellar line-up including fellow spirited music-makers Times New Viking and Los Campesinos! The show is also one of the inaugural Tennent’s Mutual events.

With No Age’s growing reputation for off-kilter performances (past venues have included the LA River Basin, a public library, book stores and an Ethiopian restaurant), the Art School may seem a little tame in comparison – but once this pair plug in and let rip, there’s really no telling what could unfold.

No Age, Los Campesinos and Times New Viking

Punk and power pop from an LA band influenced by both Crass and Squeeze, which sounds very healthy to us, are joined on this Shred Yr Face tour by Welsh indie pop collective Los Campesinos and Ohio no-fi-niks TNV. Brought to you by the Tennent's Mutual.

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