4 Boutique Shows

4 Boutique Shows

Open Grave

This year’s Glasgay! features a season of new work by emergent playwrights at Q! Gallery, as Allan Radcliffe discovers

1 To Kill A Kelpie In Matthew Smith’s eerie family drama, two grown brothers relive the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of their uncle, talking to the children they once were about the climate of fear they endured at their abuser’s tales of a ‘child-devouring monster’, the kelpie. Until Sat 18 Oct.

2 Colette Yvonne Caddell’s acclaimed play based around the life of the French author Sidonie Gabrielle Colette returns following a successful run at last year’s Glasgay! The piece charts Colette’s journey from married woman of letters to France’s greatest female writer, via scandalous lesbian relationships, three marriages and motherhood. Tue 21–Sat 25 Oct.

3 Man in a Bath Glasgow’s Rhymes with Purple presents one man’s internal monologue as he relaxes in the bath while getting ready for a night out. The piece explores the furious jumble of thoughts going on just beneath the surface of things, from concerns about laundry to missed calls and missed opportunities. Tue 28 Oct–Sat 1 Nov.

4 Open Grave Kirsten McLean’s haunting play (pictured) focuses on two girls who find each other in a town from which no one escapes alive. Then one of them goes missing, and the pair will not be reunited until years later. Tue 4 Nov–Sun 9 Nov.

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Open Grave

A solo performance by Kirstin McLean exploring the power struggles and pain of an intimate friendship. 'Part of Glasgay!'

To Kill a Kelpie

A new play by Matthew Smith that focuses on two men talking to the children they used to be about the devious, mythical (or is it?) Scottish kelpie and the very real threat of child abuse. 'Part of Glasgay!'


Yvonne Caddell brings to life Collette, the scandalous French woman of letters, to sit alongside all the ruined dames and tragic heroines of Tennessee Williams' plays in Glasgay!'s line-up. 'Part of Glasgay!'

Man in a Bath

Glasgow theatre company Rhymes with Purple draw a bath and pour in the bubbles for a look beneath the surface of appearance and everyday thoughts, performed by Alan McPartian. 'Part of Glasgay!'

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