Scott Agnew

Scott Agnew

The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 26 Oct


You’d imagine that when an act gets crowned the brand new Scottish Comedian of the Year that the offers would flood in. Well, they certainly have for Scott Agnew who scooped the award at the end of September in a closely fought tussle with Keir McAllister and Teddy. But those offers have come from decidedly unexpected angles. ‘l’ve been asked to do the Holocaust Memorial Day in January,’ notes the 6ft 5in self-titled ‘big poof’ of Scottish comedy. ‘And this probably helps the point that they’re trying to make because I thought “why are they asking me, I’m no’ Jewish?” But then I was reminded that “the Nazis gassed the poofs as well”.’

Before that event, he may be having a date or two with the gym. ‘Attitude magazine have asked if I’m up for doing a topless photo shoot which at my present poundage I probably shouldn’t do. But they said it wouldn’t be till December. I might just be kidding myself, but it gives me something to aim for.’ On a more obvious comedic front, Agnew’s prizes for lifting the SCotY include a solo show at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival in March and some gigs in Australia next May.

‘The furthest afield I’ve played is Portsmouth which might as well have been Australia. I was told that there would be an older audience in so I went on first as Chic Murray and then came back on to do my own stuff. Needless to say Chic Murray went down better than I did, but then he was kind of a genius so it was a fair bet that his writing would always have been that bit stronger.’ Something tells me they might be saying something similar about Scott Agnew in the not too distant future.

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