Lory D

Lory D

The Caves, Edinburgh, Sat 25 Oct


Inspired by Glasgow’s notorious Test, and galvanised by the closure of The Venue and the final Dogma parties, Adam Richardson saw an opportunity to start a new night that would fill a gap in Edinburgh’s depleted clubbing diary. Over the past two years, Substance has thrived at Henry’s Cellar Bar and Richardson is looking forward to the club’s second birthday.

Admirably resisting the temptation to book a superstar DJ, Substance’s promoters have selected artists who have demonstrated a commitment to musical innovation through their consistently challenging recorded output. Neil Landstrumm and Subhead have been making pioneering techno for labels such as Tresor, Sativae and Mosquito, then there’s old school rave legends Altern8, while Lory D has been regarded as a hero in his native Italy since the birth of acid house, although wider recognition largely eluded him until a number of his early recordings were collected on the Sounds Never Seen compilation, released on Rephlex in 2003.

October’s Substance will be held in the dramatic subterranean environs of The Caves, and Richardson is clearly excited about the upcoming party: ‘We wanted to do something big for the birthday, and obviously The Caves is a pretty special venue,’ he explains. ‘And we’ve managed to secure artists who are still making as interesting tracks now as they always have. I never thought when we started this that we’d ever be in a position to be booking any of these guys, never mind booking them all together. Strange things happen I guess.’


Edinburgh's long-running underground techno party.

The Bongo Club, Edinburgh

Fri 28 Sep

£8–£10 / 0131 558 8844

Joining forces with Pulse to present Phase Fatale (Ostgut Ton, Jealous God), Darrell_Pulse, Gavin Richardson and Al & Jess (Texture).

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