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  • 12 February 2007

Write In

From confessional stand-ups to Richard and Judy-endorsed Fifers, Brian Donaldson picks out the highlights from Aye Write!

Raj Persaud With a twinkle in his eye, the dapper broadcaster, author and psychiatrist entertains with talk about seduction. It’s fine, though, you can trust him, he’s a doctor. Fri 16 Feb, 6pm.

William Boyd The Ghana-born, Gordon stoun-educated writer has been knocking out quality fiction for over 25 years since his debut, A Good Man in Africa, was published while he was lecturing at Oxford. His current novel, Restless, is a spy drama set during WW2. Sat 17 Feb, 2.30pm.

Alasdair Gray Hosted by the Glasgow sage’s biographer Rodge Glass, this 80-minute event features chat and readings from the Lanark lad’s new novel, Three Men in Love. Sun 18 Feb, 7.40pm.

Janice Galloway and AL Kennedy Two of our finest contemporary scribes go head to head airing their newest bits of fiction, one set in 18th century Italy, the other featuring a man suffering a form of post-WW2 traumatic stress. Mon 19 Feb, 7.30pm.

Mary Loudon and Richard Holloway The former Bishop of Edinburgh, renowned broadcaster and chair of the Scottish Arts Council talks to Mary Loudon, the author of Relative Stranger, about the devastating effects schizophrenia can have on a family. Tue 20 Feb, 6pm.

James Robertson The Fife author and poet has been handed many a glittering prize in his time, including a place in the Richard and Judy Book Club for the excellent Testament of Gideon Mack. Wed 21 Feb, 6pm.

Jon Ronson In Out of the Ordinary the Cardiff-born wag presents the bizarre behavioural patterns of Jonathan King, Kidneys for Jesus campaigners and those in charge of the Kubrick estate. However it is arguably Ronson’s own day-to-day disasters which provide the funniest extracts. Thu 22 Feb, 7.30pm.

Michael Buerk During his 30-year career with the BBC Michael Buerk has covered some of the most important stories around the globe. His memorable reports from Ethiopa in 1984 led to Live Aid. He offers forthright opinions on the state of the media today. Fri 23 Feb, 7pm.

Janey Godley and Ian Pattison Two Glasgow funny folk provide some gallus banter, finding inspiration and comedy in unexpected places. Sat 24 Feb, 1.15pm.

Iain Banks Dropping the sci-fi M for now, Banksy closes the festival with the launch of his latest family drama, The Steep Approach to Garbadale. Sun 25 Feb, 6.30pm.

All events at Mitchell Library; £6 (£4). Phone booking 0871 230 9887. www.ayewrite.com

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