Lisa Myhre - Nemi 2 (4 stars)

Lisa Myhre - Nemi 2



She may be an unpredictable little goth, but you can be damned sure you’d never catch Nemi letting the alternative side down. While real life misfits inevitably do (John Lydon is at it again on the telly, this time with Country Life butter) Norway’s favourite gloriously sarky and sassy outsider, who captured the attention of the masses with regular appearances in The Metro newspaper, can be relied on to soothe our frayed tempers with tales of boy trouble, bad hangovers, dumb blonde-baiting and general twenty-something angst. The second volume of these brightly coloured strips makes for short and snappy reads; a veritable pick and mix of chocolate chomping, mischievous behaviour and wit, but it’s during more lengthy stories (such as Nemi’s darkly comic encounter with her evil stepmother) that we begin to get a more in-depth insight into her unique and compelling psyche. More of this, please.

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