Also Published - 5 Biographies

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  • 16 October 2008

Susie Boyt - My Judy Garland Life The daughter of Lucien Freud embarks on a journey following in her showbiz idol’s footsteps to discover what her life could teach us about love, loss and fame. Virago.

Jonathan Bate - Soul of the Age This one seemingly overturns the usual mythology revolving around the beardy Bard to get to the real Will. Viking.

Gerald Martin - Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Life Based on 15 years of research, this tome details the Colombian novelist’s feelings on celebrity, literature and politics. Bloomsbury.

William McKeen - Outlaw Journalist That description could only apply to Hunter S Thompson, and here his pal produces the biggest biog to date of the Gonzo writer. Aurum.

Jackie Wullschlager - Chagall: The Dream of Life Struggle, heartbreak, bitterness and exile were all parts of the painter’s life, explored fully here thanks to the author gaining access to his archive. Allen Lane.

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