Temporary lesbian Pink

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 October 2008

Temporary lesbian Pink

'So What' singer Pink says she would never be a "permanent" lesbian, but admits "experimenting" with women

Pink would never be a "permanent" lesbian, but admits "experimenting" with women.

The 'So What' singer - who split from her husband Carey Hart earlier this year - has had flings with women in the past, but would never completely give up men.

She said: "I'm not gay so I guess I would not try a relationship with a woman. I didn't say I haven't experimented but I love men too much to make it a permanent thing."

Pink, 29, recently confessed she hates going on dates because she finds them too pressurised.

She said: "I meet boys all over the place. It's just that I don't ever go on dates. I have never been on a date. I don't believe in that, it has to be organic. A barbecue, a show or whatever. I have never met anybody in a bar."

However, Pink also revealed she has a number of friends who are attempting to persuade her to start dating.

She added: "Lately I have been hearing from a lot of people, like married couples, who have met in a bar. I'm always amazed. So maybe that is where I am going wrong."

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