Pete Doherty's coffin concert

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  • 8 October 2008

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty has offered to lock himself in a rat-filled coffin for an hour at a Dead Kids concert

Pete Doherty is to lock himself in a rat-filled coffin.

The Babyshambles rocker has offered to perform the ghoulish stunt on stage for one hour at special Halloween event A Plague On Both Your Houses, where his favourite band the Dead Kids are playing - but only if they can scare at least one fan to tears during their song 'Fear and Fluoride'.

Dead Kids' singer Mike Title said: "We get all sorts of delinquents at our shows. It must be the name.

"Maybe he needs a bit of joy in his life and Dead Kids make you happy."

A spokesperson for the event, which takes place at a secret London location on October 31, added: "The theme of the party is the return of the plague, so undead, infected guests like Pete will fit in perfectly.

"Dead Kids always put on a blinding show so we don't blame Pete for making the bizarre offer. Even he will struggle to compete with the grisly zombies at the party though."

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Pete Doherty

The usual unpredictability and undeniable charisma from the Libertines/Babyshambles man trying to keep his nose clean.

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