Oasis' knockout show

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  • 8 October 2008

Oasis' knockout show

Oasis were introduced by boxer Ricky Hatton on the first night of their UK tour last night (07.10.08), where he warned fans they would have him to "deal with" if they invaded the stage

Oasis were introduced by boxer Ricky Hatton on the first night of their UK tour last night (07.10.08).

Ricky, whose in-ring nickname is 'The Hitman', welcomed the band on stage at Liverpool's Echo Arena and warned fans there would be no repeat of the stage invasion at Oasis' show in Toronto, Canada, when a crazed fan knocked guitarist Noel over, leaving him with three cracked and dislodged ribs.

Ricky said: "It's an honour for me to introduce these boys on stage. They are the best band in Britain, the biggest band in the world and I'm proud to call them friends.

"And you can forget trying to come on stage, like in Canada, or you'll have me to f***ing deal with."

Oasis kicked off their tour in blistering style, playing a host of tracks from their new album 'Dig Out Your Soul', including 'The Shock Of The Lightning', 'Waiting For The Rapture' and 'Falling Down'.

They also performed several classic hits, treating fans to 'Supersonic', 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' and 'Champagne Supernova'.

The band had to cancel three shows as a result of Noel's injury last month, which the guitarist likened to being hit by world champion Ricky.

Noel said: "It felt like I'd been sparring with Ricky Hatton. But the perpetrator's going to get the book thrown at him."

Singer Liam Gallagher was furious at the attack on his brother, reportedly saying he wanted to catch the person responsible, cut off his manhood and eat it.

In return for the stage introduction, Noel will carry one of Ricky's world title belts to the ring when he fights Paul Malignaggi in Las Vegas in November. He has also hinted he may appear in the video for Ricky's Christmas single 'Hi Ho Ricky Hatton'.

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Britpop demi-gods Oasis head North with their seventh album 'Dig Out Your Soul'.

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