Ronnie Wood's spending spree

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  • 7 October 2008
Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood's spending spree

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood is reportedly spending £10,000 a week, sparking fears he is blowing his fortune to spite his estranged wife Jo

Ronnie Wood is reportedly spending £10,000 a week, sparking rumours he is deliberately blowing his fortune.

Ronnie's estranged wife Jo reportedly fears the rocker is spending his money "to spite her", after both she and Ronnie met separately with divorce lawyers last week.

The Rolling Stones guitarist - who recently left rehab - has been splashing out on parties for his friends, antiques and his 20-year-old girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova - whom is blamed for the split between Ronnie and Jo after he ran away with her to Ireland on a drinking binge in July.

A friend of Jo's told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "She is at the end of her tether with Ronnie, worried that soon he will have nothing left. And she believes he is spending this money to spite her.

"Life is difficult enough without Ronnie putting pressure on their finances. He is like an infatuated teenager doing everything he can to impress his girlfriend."

Although Ronnie, 61, is estimated to be worth £40 million, his income depends on touring with the Rolling Stones, as he is paid a wage as a touring session musician, rather than receiving royalties for album sales.

The source added: "Ronnie relies heavily on the Stones to be on tour to earn his cash but they are off duty just now and things are tight."

Ronnie's recent antics could also have thrown plans for a reunion tour with his former band the Faces into jeopardy, by insisting Ekaterina tours with them.

Faces frontman Rod Stewart recently told a US crowd: "Ronnie's having a little trouble with the drink these days, bless his cotton socks."

The reunion was scheduled to take place in 2009.

A source said: "Ronnie seems head over heels with this young girl. He's told the Faces boys she's coming with him. But they're not happy. They want Ronnie to dedicate 100 per cent. He already has trouble with alcohol. He doesn't need the added distraction of a girlfriend."

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