Lindsay Lohan's father silence

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  • 6 October 2008
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's father silence

Lindsay Lohan has vowed not to talk to her father Michael until he "grows up" following his recent public outbursts

Lindsay Lohan has vowed not to talk to her father until he "grows up".

The 'Mean Girls' actress recently discovered her father Michael - who she has had a volatile relationship with throughout her life - may have a secret 13-year-old daughter following his affair with a Montana massage therapist.

Lindsay has now decided to cut contact with him.

She said: "I don't know what's going on with it. I haven't asked him any questions. Apparently, we've been in the dark for so many years. We've gone through enough with him. Enough is enough."

The 22-year-old star insists she won't let Michael - who has served time in jail - back into her life "until he decides to be a grown up".

Lindsay's relationship with her father reached a new low after he publicly criticised her girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson, branding her "hideous and disgusting".

However, the actress - who has completed three stints in rehab for alcohol and drug-related problems - has always found it difficult to get on with him, because he had such a negative impact of her childhood.

She added to Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "It was always up and down, unpredictable. It was kind of just like whether my dad was going to be there, what he would be like. We didn't know what to expect from him, which was difficult. I knew so much at the age of 12 - I'd seen so much.

"So it's surprising to me that I got into certain things that I got into, because I knew not to."

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