Generous friend Keisha Buchanan

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  • 6 October 2008
Keisha Buchanan

Generous friend Keisha Buchanan

Sugababes singer Keisha Buchanan once spent £20,000 taking her friends on holiday to America

Keisha Buchanan once spent £20,000 taking her friends on holiday.

The generous Sugababes singer wanted to treat her closest pals to an unforgettable trip, but admits the amount she splashed out was excessive.

She said: "The most ridiculous thing I ever spent a royalty cheque on was when I took eight friends to Atlanta. We travelled first class and stayed in a big hotel. I spent £20,000 easily. My accountant had to call me when I landed to find out where the money had gone.

"I just wanted to treat my friends. They wanted to go to Spain but I thought, 'I'm taking you guys to Atlanta.' It didn't look too good when I got the bill."

Keisha also revealed she was once had a terrifying experience while singing karaoke in Japan.

She added to Britain's Q magazine: "I did karaoke in Japan, you get your own private booth. But while we were singing there was an earthquake.

"It was scary and surreal. It was like you see on TV - all the walls were shaking and the floor was moving. Out of the window you could see all the buildings swaying. Everyone was saying, 'Sit down', but you're still moving because the floor is still moving."

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