Model celebrity Pamela Anderson

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 October 2008
Pamela Anderson

Model celebrity Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson thinks she is a good role model, because she has managed to remain grounded despite her fame

Pamela Anderson thinks she is a good role model.

The former 'Baywatch' star - who has two sons with ex-husband Tommy Lee - has managed to remain grounded, despite her celebrity status.

She said: "I'm a good example of someone who can come to Hollywood and keep their feet on the group with all the rock stars, all the drama that goes with being here.

"It's important to pump your own gas and to be able to vacuum."

Pammie, 41, also revealed she will never stop campaigning for equal rights.

She added: "I don't consider myself a feminist but I feel very empowered as a woman and I've used all my resources widely. I believe in equality, but that's just naturally happening. I still want a door opened for me, to be treated like a lady, but I also want equal rights for women, of course."

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