Neville Rae

Neville Rae

For want of a little creative breathing space, new gallery partnership Sierra Metro has bravely shunned the inner-city Edinburgh gallery scene. Directors Janine Sproule and Martin Minton have appropriated a disused warehouse in the North of Edinburgh, previously used as a test faculty for the Northern Lighthouse Board. More reminiscent of the airy warehouse spaces of New York's Chelsea and the unending hangers of Beijing's Dashanzi art district, than of the poky white spaces to which we've become accustomed, this is a commercially viable art space unrivalled in Edinburgh in both scale and ambition. With more than enough space to swing a terrifyingly large cat, Sierra Metro will afford emerging artists the opportunity to expand their practice; its vast space is calling for large-scale installations.

The gallery lies in Granton, an old industrial area presently in the early stages of being regenerated. Fittingly then, Sierra Metro is opening with Scottish artist Neville Rae, whose practice draws on the concept of public art commissions. In his recent Inverleith House exhibition, *3A Town For Tomorrow*2, Rae presented obsolete proposals for public sculptures. For this inaugural exhibition, the artist will present a body of sculptural work which addresses the practicalities of waterfront regeneration. To some extent, Rae's practice works in the currency of failure. Sadly, this is a term that is also often aligned with projects of 'regeneration'; public schemes that often amount to little more than kitschy distractions and telly-tubby landscaping. With its jazzy, coco-cabana sounding name, which perhaps exhibits a knowing nod to the changing landscape of its surroundings, Sierra Metro looks set to present a determined and deliberate programme of challenging art.

Neville Rae, 11th Oct- 1 Nov, Sierra Metro

Neville Rae

A solo sculpture exhibition which draws on modernism to create new proposals for public art in an exciting new Edinburgh space.


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