Group show: Delia Baillie, Iain Sturrock, Jessica Harrison, Karen Kirkwood, Sophe McKay Knight

Amber Roome, Edinburgh, until Thu 8 Mar


Given that Amber Roome is a small-scale gallery space, and that five artists are involved in this show, one can assume it will be a rather intimate affair. The five artists are not thematically linked, but there do seem to be fragments of narratives and hidden stories running through each of their works. Dundee-based Baillie and Sturrock have been painting collaboratively, via a love-hate, trial and error relationship (likened to the turbulent brotherly bond of Romulus and Remus) attempting to wrestle with and recognise a collaborative, mutual style. So will they succeed in foregoing individual expression and ego, and agree on the final outcomes?

Kirkwood’s paintings use layers of paint to create visceral evocations of the cosmos, its extreme beauty and terrifying magnitude. In a slightly different vein, Harrison is fascinated by our surveillance-driven society, obsessed with voyeurism, and the latent fear this has induced in us all. She explores this notion through images of paranoid interiors and exteriors.

McKay Night is similarly watchful, though hers is a fear of the unseen - the supernatural spirits that haunt so many of our subconscious minds. McKay positions herself alongside Arthur Conan Doyle, George Ellory Hale and Robert Louis Stevenson, all of whom have shared her neuroses, and refers to the spirit world and the ‘Little People’.

Amber Roome is offering up a chance then to delve into the quiet sensory phenomena within these paranoid, playful and spiritual art works.

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