Russell Crowe's farm family

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  • 1 October 2008
Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe's farm family

Russell Crowe has introduced his children to life on the family farm, equipping them with special cowboy hats and work boots

Russell Crowe is spending "manly man time" with his sons on his farm.

The 'State of Play' actor ensured his children, Charles, four, and two-year-old Tennyson, were well-equipped for their trip to his ranch in Australia by dressing them in special outfits.

Russell, 44, said: "It was a big step in my life as a dad, taking the boys for some manly man time out at the farm. I was really into the idea of having a specific uniform for it, and equipped them with big cowboy hats and special work boots."

He revealed the visit was a success, with the boys learning quickly about the ways of farm life.

He added: "We're walking through the paddock and Charlie sort of grabs my hand at one point and says, 'Dad, did you know that it's a completely different feeling when you step in horse poop than when you step in cow poop?' He's on it."

Russell also says his kids have helped him curb his wild partying ways and he is now much more settled with his wife, Danielle and their children.

He told America's OK! magazine: "The drinking thing has sort of taken a different place in my life since I had kids. There's a whole lot of things I don't do anymore because it affects my level of patience. I don't want to be in that place where I'm exasperated with these beautiful children."

Meanwhile, Russell has piled on 63 pounds by eating junk food for his latest role in 'Body of Lies'.

He joked: "It's been, for breakfast, I'll have the cheeseburger, thank you."

'Body of Lies' is set for release in Europe from November 21.

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