5 Reasons To Go See - Dave Arcari

5 Reasons To Go See - Dave Arcari

1 He’s a rockabilly punk trash country delta blues maniac. From Scotland Arcari is a one-man musical whirlwind, thrashing his metal-bodied National acoustic guitar and producing some seriously fucked up gravelly bottleneck blues mojo with gargantuan cojones and big fuck-off tattoos.

2 He’s in league with our national poet In 2007 Arcari was asked to put music to Robert Burns’ ‘Parcel of Rogues’ for a BBC Scotland special. He also happened to host the entire show, interviewing musicians, politicians and historians into the bargain. Rock’n’roll!

3 He’s got musician fans Seasick Steve says he ‘plays like he’s got his skin turned inside out’. He’s also been specifically asked to be tour support for the likes of Alabama 3 and Jon Spencer in the past.

4 He’ll come to your house He will, really. For a small fee he’ll turn up and play at a party in your house. Or, if education is more your style, he’ll conduct a bottleneck slide guitar blues masterclass. Get that Bud down ya and get playing! Failing that, he’ll cook you a breakfast burrito. (OK, maybe not, but he’s got a recipe on his website which looks pretty damned tasty.)

5 He’s in Radiohead Sorry, we mean Radiotones, the alternative blues combo Arcari fronts when he’s got a spare minute, a band who happen to be shit hot and have three acclaimed albums under their belts.

Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow, Thu 16 Oct.

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