Doug Hoekstra - Blooming Roses (3 stars)

Doug Hoekstra - Blooming Roses

(Folkwit Records)


Now several solo albums and 14 years into his career (not counting his pre-solo time with Chicago outfit Bucket No.6), Nashville-based Hoekstra returns with another set of whispering, easy-on-the-ear songs.

While Dylan, Cohen and Lou Reed are the names thrown into the cloudy DH mix, his sound is both emotive and honest. Blooming Roses has already received critical plaudits following release in America in February, tracks that shine out are ‘The Best There Ever Was’, ‘Acquired Taste’ and ‘Everywhere is Somewhere’. He strays into the all too familiar folk/country territory of his heroes at times but that doesn’t stop it being highly listenable stuff.

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