Kings of Leon - Only By The Night (2 stars)


This article is from 2008.

Kings of Leon - Only By The Night



Darwin’s theory of convergent evolution states that disparate, unrelated organisms evolve similar traits when adapting to similar environments, and it’s clearly in evidence amongst stadium rock bands. Using the blustery, overblown U2 blueprint, the likes of Coldplay, Snow Patrol, The Killers and now Kings of Leon all abandoned their distinctiveness and originality in order to reach the back of festival fields and arenas.

This fourth album is virtually indistinguishable from the Kings’ contemporaries. Caleb Followill’s Southern yelp aside, tracks like ‘Notion’ and ‘Use Somebody’ are full of echoey guitars, epic drums, obvious piano lines and truly banal lyrics. Not out-and-out bad, just depressingly conventional and predictable.

Kings of Leon

Hirsute country rock'n'rollers.

Hyde Park, London W2

Thu 6 Jul

£62.50; £72.50 Priority Entry; £99.50 Premium View; £149.50 VIP Summer Garden; £199.50 The Terrace

  • 12:00

Manchester Arena

Fri 9 Jun

£45–£85 / 0844 847 8000

Sheffield Arena

Sat 10 Jun

£45–£85 / 0114 256 5656


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