Desalvo - Mood Poisoner (4 stars)

Desalvo - Mood Poisoner

(Rock Action)


The fringes of rock music are littered with bad intentions. Bands of grunts that wish to thrill us, disorient us, frighten us and make us feel mildly queasy. Glasgow’s own Desalvo achieve all of this in one long-coming, fast burning debut album; a furious, complex beast that crams in more ideas in one song than most bands struggle to spin out for one album.

This is the kind of record for anyone who understands the visceral joys of a big noise grabbing you by the throat and going ‘BLEAURGH!’ at you. Gutteral guitars churn and slash, drums brutalise and tenderise, while some poor bastard with a microphone is run through with a crate of Black and Decker’s finest. But this is no random noise splatter fest, this is precision drilling Abel Ferrera would be proud of.

Up until now, the bewildering adrenaline of the Desalvo live experience has threatened to overshadow the quality of their songs. Now there’s something on record to do them justice. Tight, cruel and ingenious.

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