The Fire and I (4 stars)

The Fire and I

Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 4 Sep


Congratulations to Bathgate duo The Fire and I, who have managed to strip the whole concept of the rock ‘n’ roll band back down to its most basic elements. Essentially a four-legged rhythm section, they combine the drumming of Hooligan (we believe his real name’s Julian) and the bass of Gordon Love. That’s it. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. They make the White Stripes look like Yes.

Actually, it’s not quite as industrial or as knuckle-headed as it might seem. Through a variety of effects box tricks, Love still manages to make his bass sound like a proper lead guitar, albeit one which feels louder and more calamitous than any others you’ll have heard. The effect is great though, and the songs sound raw and urgent, particularly when Love goes stagger-dancing all over the stage and jumping on the drum kit. There is a whiff of Biffy about them, while song titles like ‘Revenge of the Bloody Angel’ and ‘The Bullwinged Monster’ can just go away – but still, TFAI make an urgent and exciting new noise. One to take notice of.

The Fire And I, Sol Diablos and The Elvis Suicide

  • 4 stars

The headliners are a high energy duo, comprising Gordon and Hooligan.

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