The Dykeenies (3 stars)

The Dykeenies

Red Bull Bedroom Jam @ Lofi Studios, Glasgow, Thu 18 Sep


This live webcast with The Dykeenies is a promo for the Red Bull Bedroom Jam website, which invites up and coming bands to post footage of gigs in their own bedrooms online. Except, erm, we’re not in a bedroom, but rather crammed into a Glasgow practice studio. ‘We thought we’d just be honest about that,’ admits event publicist Charley. ‘But you get the idea.’

It’s like a cross between a rehearsal session, a video shoot (a disembodied director’s voice bellows at people from the adjoining vocal booth) and a micro-gig (there’s a small audience of friends present). The Dykeenies seem well suited to the occasion – a youthful, stylish bunch, who do a shiny line in commercial yet passionate contemporary indie rock. Seeing them play up close, it’s apparent just how well drilled they are, as they tightly rattle off four fan-chosen numbers, cracking jokes in between.

Many more similar livecast shows are planned, so check the website. Get a pal to chuck beer over you and scream in your ear while you watch them, and you need never go out to a real gig ever again.

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