Iglu & Hartly (3 stars)

Iglu & Hartly

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sun 21 Sep


‘Glasgow make some fucking NOISE! We’re Iglu & Hartly and we’re here to party!’

If you’d ever wondered what would happen if a chiselled boy band took a brace of hook-laden pop songs to the wrong side of the tracks, then this was your answer. With the kind of tanned, ripped physiques that rarely make it across the Atlantic, and the nasal white boy rapping that PJ and Duncan made their own, King Tut’s echoed with the squeals of a gaggle of excitable females. Smash hit ‘In This City’ was delivered with unbridled but slick enthusiasm, and in the encore new material including ‘The Pyjama Song’ (don’t ask) was, much like their toned pectorals, given an unashamed unveiling.

Mixing the frat-boys-and-melodies shtick of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the lady-pleasing hummable tunes of Maroon 5 is likely to mean that credibility may be out of their grasp. However, they did manage to get hold of a selection of lady audience members invited onstage, many of whom were given the brief but undivided attention of the nearest band member.


Iglu & Hartly, The Politics and May 68

Bare-chested pop riot from Hollywood, described as 'Tom Petty meets the Pointer Sisters'. Part of King Tut's 20th birthday celebrations.

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