Exposure - Ladyhawke

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  • 2 October 2008
Exposure - Ladyhawke

Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: Ladyhawke

No relation to the Vancouver indie rock band of the same name, but absolutely related to (i.e. named after) the corny 80s sci-fi film which starred Matthew Broderick and Rutger Hauer, Ladyhawke is the finest recording artiste to come out of New Zealand since Split Enz. In other words, in our opinion, the finest recording artiste to come out of New Zealand. Gaining attention for the sublime electro-pop of ‘Paris Is Burning’ and standing on the verge of releasing her eponymous debut album, Wellington-born Modular signee Phillipa ‘Pip’ Brown talks.

Are you still based in New Zealand?
No, I only just moved to London, and I lived in Melbourne before that. I’m kind of a homebird, though, I try to get back as often as I can. Yet New Zealand is so small – it’s a little smaller than the UK, but the population’s only about four million – that you can’t think of each city as having it’s own scene. And of course, the whole reggae dub thing with The Black Seeds and Fat Freddy’s Drop is still going.

We detect a note of distaste in your voice …
Oh, you get sick of it. Every café you walk into will be playing one of these bands. You just want to find the machine and smash it.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Peaches, Goldfrapp and Pat Benatar. Do you agree with any of these?
I prefer people like ELO and Fleetwood Mac myself, but of course, Pat Benatar! She’s balls to the wall, one of my heroes. I just wish I had that voice!

Ladyhawke plays ABC2, Glasgow, Thu 2 Oct; Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 3 Oct.


Electro pop contender with 80s undertones, originally from New Zealand.


Not to be confused with Aussie popster Ladyhawke. Ladyhawk are a bracing rock quartet from Vancouver.

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