Bodies Of Water

Bodies Of Water

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Fri 3rd Oct


It slipped by largely unnoticed, but in second offering A Certain Feeling, released in July, Bodies Of Water calmly and quietly came up with one of this year’s most beguiling records. Consisting of a husband and wife duo plus various family friends, the LA outfit are inspired by everything from 1940s gospel quartets to punk, folk, prog, tropicalia and – perhaps most bizarrely – musical theatre, and when we speak to band leader/principal songwriter David Metcalf he explains how the whole glorious shebang came about.

‘I’d been recording songs in my closet for years and when Meredith and I got married we decided to play them for people. So we recruited a bunch of friends, started out quite casually and over the space of a year began to increasingly devote more and more time and energy to it.’ Written, arranged and recorded in the couple’s Highland Park home, ‘with equipment and amps all over the living room, bedrooms and the kitchen,’ this latest effort is an incredibly spiritual listen, driven by scratchy guitars, organs, choral harmonies, horns and strings. It sounds a bit like The Arcade Fire, except (whisper it) more interesting.

The album is a stormer from start to finish, but it’s live that these compelling songs really spring to life; Metcalf describes the experience with a chuckle as ‘an emotional connection with the crowd, as long as the venue isn’t filled with deadbeats’. With a forthcoming Glasgow date marking a rare Scottish visit for Bodies Of Water, the right components should ensure that it makes for something rather special indeed.

Bodies of Water

LA outfit who claim to sound like "Abba meets the Muppets", but actually make more of a proggy noise.

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