Profile - Paul Sinha

Profile - Paul Sinha
  1. The doctor is out
    He is indeed. Sinha might not be the UK's only gay GP, but he is the world's only gay Bengali GP who moonlights as a stand-up comic. This situation, as you might imagine, gives him plenty of material to go on.
  2. He's a Fringe favourite
    If he can stand out in Edinburgh during August, he's doing something right. The first show – 'Saint or Sinha?' – earned him an If.comeddie nomination, while this year's show 'My John Terry Moments' will be reprised here. 'Well on his way to earning himself a place in the pantheon of comedy greats,' was how one newspaper described him.
  3. He's a stealth gay
    The fairly non-hunky Sinha spoke earlier this year about going undercover on a rugby stag do and 'being called a poof for not eating enough curry'. He's also a big football fan, although he said in the same interview that 'most gay men I know think Man City is some kind of sex resort.' He's doing the hard work so you don't have to.
  4. He's funny and he's clever
    What, didn't you guess that from the doctor bit? In case you need it proving, Sinha will be appearing on both Mastermind and Brain of Britain this autumn. So what's his specialist subject?
  5. He's, you know, that bloke off the telly!
    What is it with Sinha and gameshows? And football? He's also been a guest on University Challenge, The Weakest Link, Soccer AM, BBC Radio 5 Live and Talksport. Either his agent keeps him busy, or Sinha's dialling the audience line after all his favourite shows.

The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 5 Oct.