Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 7 Oct; The Stand, Glasgow, Wed 8–Sat 11 Oct


The last time The List had a chat with Geordie Sarah Millican she was looking forward to, but a little apprehensive about, taking her debut show to the Edinburgh Fringe. It was obvious she was going to do well though, and she went home with an if.comedy newcomer award and more stars than Hollywood Boulevard. ‘If you wrote down before you went what you wanted the perfect experience in Edinburgh to be like, then I just had that,’ she recalls gleefully. ‘It was amazing to go up just thinking “I’ve got a funny hour but I don’t really know if anybody else would agree” and then to find out that audiences and reviewers did agree.’

It would be all too easy for her to adopt an air of snooty comedy royalty and waft about with her proboscis aimed skyward, but then Millican is a salt of the earth Northern lass. ‘It’s weird to come back into normal gigging; I had to have a word with myself, otherwise you end up being a bit of an arse. You can’t really go into gigs with, “I won an award you know!” So you have to forget about it in a way. But it’s brilliant and it’s not that I don’t want it, it’s just that you can’t go on stage with it.’ She pauses to consider the notion. ‘Obviously you can’t physically take it in with you. That would be quite funny to just stand it on the stage, “You don’t like us? Well, some people did”.’

The Stand

A frighteningly cheerful line-up this weekend, just what you need as the winter nights draw in. Susan Calman introduces Adam Hills, Sarah Millican, Scott Agnew and Gordon Alexander.

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