The Foundation

The Foundation

The GRV, Edinburgh, Sat 11 Oct


Random Aspekts are Scotland’s pre-eminent breakdance outfit having in seven short years forged a path from keen enthusiasts to career dancers, learning a thing or two about what their art owes to its aural inspiration along the way. So after hosting the after-party for August’s Castle Rocks b-boy championship they’ve hit upon The Foundation, a club night dedicated to nothing more than getting down.

‘Because we’re so passionate about dance we’re also passionate about music and there wasn’t really anyone playing the kind of tunes that we enjoy dancing to in our own spare time,’ says RA member and spokesman Peter Manian. ‘So we wanted to showcase our musical tastes.’

Attesting to their fun intentions there’s a celebratory fresh ‘white’ theme for the launch, while the boys are also asking all-comers in visual arts, graphic design and photography to make the most of the audiovisual facilities GRV has to offer.

But won’t a night of breaking leave those of us less acrobatic in our self-expression on the sidelines? ‘We wanted to form a club for other people that just love to dance, to just let their hair down without any pretentiousness,’ Manian asserts, further stressing that The Foundation is not a breakers convention but a dance party that will plunder the gamut of musical styles. ‘People don’t come to a club to stand and watch, our priority is to get everyone dancing – and that’s not on our heads or on our hands – we just want everyone to have a good time.’

The Foundation

Breakdance crew Random Aspekts host a mix of hip hop, funk, electro and soul.

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