Potterrow, Edinburgh, Fri 3 Oct.


There will be times in your life when you’ll meet relatives with whom you have a strange relationship – second cousins, suspect uncles, your gran’s new boyfriend – you know that there’s a connection, but you struggle to figure out exactly where or why it came about. It’s the same in dance music: dubstep and drum & bass are both heavy, but they ain’t brothers.

What we now know as dubstep emerged but a few short years ago when the darker edged underground garage coming out of London at the turn of the century was cloaked it in an extra layer of spooky subbass by the PlayStation generation and wrapped around a sluggish but infectious tempo. D&B began life way before after the UK’s early dance scene fragmented into different parts of rave, hardcore and jungle. Now Xplicit look to pull it all together with dubstep’s own dark knight Skream and one of D&B’s original tru playas DJ Hype both headlining another massive Potterrow party. It’s a big space for a big event, but it’s not all in the numbers. ‘I don’t give a shit about the size of the venue to be honest,’ claims Hype. ‘What I do give a shit about is the size of the soundsystem and the quality of the DJ set up, if these things are good then I can proper blaze the spot and put my all into my set. Fat system equals fat night.’


Scotland's top hard drum & bass night is joined by DJ Hype and Skream for a D&B vs dubstep special.


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