Profile - Orlando Voorn

Profile - Orlando Voorn

Name: Orlando Voorn

Occupation: Pioneer of Dutch techno, whose early obsessions with electro and hip hop turned into a love affair with the Detroit sound at the end of the 80s.

The Detroit sound? So we aren’t talking your stereotypical ‘tops off, trance on’ Dutch producer? No. In fact Voorn enjoys such a strong affinity with the States that he now lives there, albeit in Seattle. With a second place finish in the very first DMC World Championships in 1986 already under his belt (where he famously grabbed the mic and asked of winner DJ Cheese, ‘what is this, a mixing competition or a scratching competition?’), Voorn established a link between Amsterdam and Detroit. He collaborated with both Juan Atkins and Blake Baxter, and released records on Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson’s labels.

What should I listen to? Voorn’s recent recorded history hasn’t been as illustrious as his past, although he still releases new music regularly, and the track ‘The Light’ did turn up recently on the Sub Club’s 20 Years Underground mix. To hunt down his earlier releases (of which there are nearly 80, not counting remixes) you’ll have to cast your net far and wide. Since 1988, he’s used around 30 aliases, including Fix-O-Matic, Xit, Frequency, Nighttripper, Format and, best of all, Basic Bastard.

Any other business? Voorn’s Glasgow date will be at the late night, Stereo-held leg of Bleep, an all-day event which also includes a party at Glasgow’s Courtyard entitled Bleep By Day through the afternoon and evening. Support at Voorn’s Glasgow date comes from Soma’s Octogen, aka Marco Bernardi, whose brother Dario promotes Bleep (by the way Octogen is also playing Trouble at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 3 Oct).

Orlando Voorn plays Creative Industries at the GRV, Edinburgh, Fri 3 Oct; Bleep Live at Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 4 Oct.

Creative Industries

Night of Chicago house and Detroit techno with a double bill of live sets from Stephen Brown and Cymbol plus DJ support from Wolfjazz.

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