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Pinup Nights

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Camilla Pia chats to Pinup Nights about fifth birthday party guest Patrick Wolf, indie pop and Brett Anderson’s ‘bits’

‘Alex James demanded a microphone, played twenty seconds of Blur’s ‘Popscene’, pulled it off, shouted “that’s bollocks” and put on Chic instead. Brett Anderson told us people were following him into the toilets to try and look at his bits and I once caught Terry Hall puffing on a joint beneath the decks,’ laughs DJ/Promoter John D. He is fighting a killer hangover after a drunken wedding gig but rather impressively is still able to regale us with some of his favourite Pinup Nights memories, as the successful and much-loved club approaches its fifth birthday. Over the years punters have streamed in droves to the night to catch appearances from such well respected indie luminaries as Tony Wilson, Stephen Street, Glasvegas and The Fratellis, and to pull some serious shapes on the dancefloor, attracted by the diverse music policy of indie, punk, soul, electro, pop and everything in-between.

Pinup Nights (named after the David Bowie album, naturally) has taken place at a variety of venues including The Woodside Social, The Beat Club and The Winchester, but from this special October date onwards it moves to a permanent home at The Flying Duck, and John D for one is thrilled at the prospect of setting up shop there. ‘It’s a lovely club and I think it’s definitely the right place for us to go. Ideally we wouldn’t have moved so many times over the years but I actually think it has helped breathe new life into what we do.’ Helping the talented record-spinner to settle in are his trusty Pinup Nights gang of Paul, Iain and James, and live music from Peter Parker, Sonny Marvello, Glasgow Glam Bangers plus a very special DJ slot from Patrick Wolf. ‘We’re very excited to meet Patrick,’ explains D. ‘He’s probably the best musician that has ever come to the night, plus there’s a glam rock theme so his flamboyant ways should fit right in.’ Is fancy dress allowed? ‘Of course, in fact it is positively encouraged. For me it’s just a good excuse to poison myself with spray painted decorations and wear eyeliner,’ chortles D.

The forthcoming birthday bash is set to make for a standout event in Glasgow’s social calendar, but it doesn’t stop there for Pinup Nights; as John D reveals, he has big plans for the next few months, with a series of similarly ‘big nights’ coming up, including an appearance from Viva Stereo who will launch their third album with an exclusive live performance. So what is his secret to keeping the club fresh? ‘I don’t know really, I think it’s just important to put on something really fun with really varied playlists. People don’t want to be punished by the same kind of music for three hours, it can get really boring. We play everything from Nina Simone to Weezer, LCD Soundsystem to Ray Charles and Bruce Springsteen to Pulp, and we like to throw in a lot of new, unexpected stuff as well. Since we started the night we’ve had amazing times and luckily been able to meet a lot of our heroes because of it,’ D adds, ‘but when we start feeling like we should end it we will, and who knows when that will be.’ Fingers crossed, it won’t be any time soon.

Pinup Nights fifth birthday takes place at The Flying Duck, Glasgow, Fri 3 Oct.

Pinup Nights

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