Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross - Marvels (4 stars)

Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross - Marvels

(Marvel UK)


Comics are often repackaged and reprinted, sometimes seemingly ad infinitum, but when it’s as gorgeous a package as 1994’s Marvels it’s hard to argue with another opportunity for new readers to discover such a wonderfully rounded work of fiction.

Marvels general premise is to look at the public’s reaction to the wonders inherent in a world of superheroes, telling the story of the Marvel Universe from the point of view of photographer Phil Sheldon, conveying his awe, astonishment and fear at this new world inhabited by the superpowered. Kurt Busiek achieves this exactly, injecting an everyman perspective into these stories of heroes, mutants and gifted aliens, while Alex Ross’ fully painted art is, as always, exemplary.

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