Garth Ennis & Gary Erskine - Dan Dare (4 stars)

Garth Ennis & Gary Erskine - Dan Dare

(Virgin Comics)


Following cold on the heels of Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes’ controversial, and some might say ugly, early 90s update of Britain’s noblest comics hero, this seven-part revival from Richard Branson’s comics line, now repackaged in one hardback collection, takes a more affectionate, nostalgic line. It does come from the pen of Garth Ennis, though, and the celebrated Northern Irish writer of Preacher and The Boys is known to be a fan of a good old-fashioned war story.

So Space Fleet becomes the Royal Navy here, and much of the later action is staged like battleship warfare in space. Of course, no update of a classic character is complete without a bit of real world cynicism, and the story is tempered by Dare’s lack of faith in a double-talking government at the beginning and a succession of real tragedies throughout. More than just a cracking yarn, this fine mini-saga has plenty to say on the subject of heroism.

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