Curt Sibling - Total Fear: Collection 2 (3 stars)

Curt Sibling - Total Fear: Collection 2

(Small Press)


It’s obvious right away that pseudonymous Scots comic creator Curt Sibling is taking the mickey, but the way in which he does it really has to be spot-on in its execution to succeed. This self-published, black and white anthology takes a few shorts swipes at staple concepts of adventure stories and films, with little bits of The Twilight Zone, Scooby Doo and The Mummy films sprinkled around. That each story inevitably features a pair of buxom young women in the tightest of tops is what makes his work a love-or-hate experience however.

A lot of the humour is pretty childish, but in all fairness, not much more than Tarantino when he sent hot-panted young women high-kicking around the back roads of America in Death Proof. The idea of a comic book equivalent of exploitation cinema is a good one, although Sibling’s art and humour isn’t yet nuanced enough to deflect any claims of sexism which might be aimed his way.

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