Kate Moss' Hince call

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  • 30 September 2008

Kate Moss chatted with Jamie

Kate Moss' ex-boyfriend Jamie Hince made an emotional phone call to the model last weekend

Kate Moss' ex-boyfriend has made an emotional phone call to the model.

Kate, who is believed to have split from Jamie Hince earlier this month, was celebrating her daughter Lila Grace's 6th pink-themed birthday in London last weekend when The Kills rocker contacted her.

A source said: "Kate's mobile phone rang when the kids at the party were watching children's entertainers.

"Jamie became very close to Lila Grace during his time with Kate, and made a big effort to make sure her birthday went well. It's making Kate realise what she's missing."

Kate and Lila Grace, whose actual birthday was yesterday (29.09.08), spent the special day at her country retreat in the Cotswolds.

Friends of the couple are now convinced they will give their romance another chance when Jamie returns from his band's US tour as they have been keeping in touch despite the split.

The source added to the London Lite newspaper: "Even before the party, Kate and Jamie had spoken to each other several times on the phone.

"Their relationship was always quite tempestuous but, now things have calmed down, pals have their fingers crossed they will put their differences aside and get back together when Jamie is back in the country."

Last week, it was claimed Jamie was planning to agree to have a baby with Kate to win her back.

A source close to the 39-year-old musician said: "They split over her desire to start trying for a baby. Jamie told her he didn't want to commit to that while things were going so well with his band and he was away on tour so much. But she argued that could remain the case for years and she didn't want to wait that long.

"He is ready to back down over the baby issue to save his relationship. He's sure they can get things back on track."

Jamie and Kate, 34, who began dating last July, are now set for showdown talks when he returns to the UK next weekend.

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