Kelly Osbourne's sex tests

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  • 30 September 2008
Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne gets tested frequently

Kelly Osbourne has revealed she gets tested for sexually transmitted infections four times a year

Kelly Osbourne gets tested for sexually transmitted infections every three months.

The 23-year-old star - who is an ambassador for World Contraception Day - believes it is important to have regular check ups to ensure she stays healthy.

She said: "I am not the kind of person who talks about my sex life, but I am not afraid to talk about contraception. I go three, maybe four times a year to get tested for sexually transmitted infections and most of the time I don't even need to. I just go for peace of mind."

Kelly, who is currently dating model Luke Worrall, has urged her young female fans to undergo regular tests for sexual diseases and to always have safe sex.

She added to New! magazine: "We need to protect ourselves against infection and unwanted pregnancy. Girls - speak to your doctor, take the pill and use condoms."

Kelly, who admits to previously having unprotected sex when she was drunk, also confessed she thought she was expecting a child when she was just 13.

She said: "I convinced myself I was pregnant when I was 13 and I hadn't even got my period.

"There are so many rumours and also so much wrong information being passed around, so it is a really important message the World Contraception Day is trying to give out."

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