Paul Sculfor's drug confession

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  • 29 September 2008
Cameron Diaz

Paul Sculfor's girlfriend Cameron Diaz

British model Paul Sculfor - who is dating actress Cameron Diaz - stopped taking cocaine because it made his hair fall out

Paul Sculfor stopped taking cocaine because it made his hair fall out.

The British model - who is dating 'Charlie's Angels' star Cameron Diaz - confessed drug abuse began to take its toll on his looks and left him worried his locks would never grow back.

He said: "My hair started falling out in my partying years, because excessive cocaine abuse affects the adrenal system and halts hair growth. I'm lucky it grew back.

"I'm not vain, but I am obsessed with my hair."

The British star also revealed he was left badly scarred after a car race went wrong.

He explained to Britain's Live magazine: "When I was 17 some mates wanted to race dirt bikes, but I didn't have one, so I 'borrowed' my friend's sister's Mini.

"I was chasing my mates through a field and we went over this jump. All of a sudden one of my mates got off his bike and was waving frantically, and my friend sitting next to me jumped out of the car. I checked the mirror and could just see red and orange right behind me.

"By the time I opened the door and jumped, my hair and my left arm were in flames, and within seconds the car blew up. None of us had realised there was a petrol container in the boot. I was badly scarred, but lucky to get out alive."

The crash isn't Paul's only brush with death.

The 37-year-old hunk was infected with life-threatening amoebic dysentery after swimming in a river.

He added: "I was doing a shoot in the Dominican Republic, and it was so hot I dived into this river to cool down. On the flight back to the UK I started feeling really unwell, and when the plane landed I was rushed to hospital. I was vomiting and haemorrhaging and could barely speak. From that one dive into the river I'd caught amoebic dysentery, and some horrific microscopic creature was basically eating my intestines.

"I lost three-and-a-half stone in a week and was in an isolation unit. When I left hospital I looked totally skeletal, and it took me days just to start walking again."

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