No politicians Kings of Leon

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  • 29 September 2008

No politicians Kings of Leon

US rockers Kings of Leon have vowed never to use politics to sell their music

Kings of Leon have vowed never to use politics to sell their music.

The US rockers have no intention of following in the footsteps of other bands who have declared their political orientation in order to sell more records.

Band member Caleb Followill explained: "For the most part I think politicians should stick to politics and musicians should stick to making music, you know?"

Bandmate Nathan Followill added: "It used to really bug me, when bands would really push politics on people, but I think they're different times now and I think that if there isn't something big that's done, I think we're all going Hades and it's just a bad time."

Caleb also believes the 2004 US presidential race sparked a rush of music acts to speak out about their political beliefs to "further their career".

He added: "2004 was just so messed up because you had bands getting political for all the wrong reasons. It wasn't because they actually believed in change or believed in something, they were using that as a stepping-stone to revive their career like and come out with an anti-American song or a pro-American and it was just, in the music world, every other band was like 'OK, everybody knows what you're doing, you're taking advantage of the situation to try to, you know, further your career', but you know, we've never been a band like that."

The full interview with the band will be broadcast on Ben Jones' 'Tuesday Night Live' on Britain's Absolute Radio on September 30 from 10pm.

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