Jack Osbourne's sister hate

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 September 2008
Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne's sister hate

Jack Osbourne has confessed he doesn't get on with his sister Kelly, because they are such different people

Jack Osbourne doesn't get on with his sister Kelly.

The 22-year-old star - who was often seen having heated arguments with Kelly on fly-on-the-wall MTV show 'The Osbournes', which also starred his rock star dad Ozzy and mother Sharon - admits the pair still have a fragile relationship even though they are older.

When asked if he and Kelly get on better now, Jack said: "I don't know. We're very different people and that's where we clash. Our views are completely different. I usually just sit there and take it, and go about my business. I don't like to get into arguments with her."

The TV presenter also dismissed claims he is an over-protective brother, insisting he prefers to let Kelly, 23, make her own way in life.

He said: "I'm neither over-protective or under-protective. If Kelly thinks she knows best then fine. It's her decision. Who am I to judge her and say what's right or wrong?"

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