Hero Russell Brand

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  • 27 September 2008
Russell Brand

Hero Russell Brand

British comic star Russell Brand has been hailed a hero after helping a woman in distress

Russell Brand has been hailed a hero.

The comedian dashed to help 'GMTV' presenter Michelle Morrison when she fell over in London, sending her shopping flying - only to find out she was filming an undercover report about strangers not helping others in distress.

Around 10 people walked past Michelle while she was slumped in the street for her stunt, but Russell was the only person to rush to her aid.

Explaining his actions, Russell said: "You looked like you were in considerable distress. There was your fruit spilling all over the floor, and you looked sort of troubled - and also you're quite pretty."

The 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' actor has joked the public should now check for TV cameras before they rush to a stranger's aide.

He quipped: "I'm just sorry that Michelle wasn't an actual real person who needed help. Don't help people if you see them in the street, because it's probably a 'GMTV' set-up. If you see a little old lady quivering and twitching by an upturned wheelchair - check first that Lorraine Kelly isn't round the corner with a microphone!"

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